Fuseintel : Decoding Performance

Fuseintel is a diagnostic system, which accurately and continuously capture, evaluates and analyzesthe holistic performance of students and all the factors that influences such performance.

In conventional way of managing growth of a student and success of a teacher, in India, marks scored in the exams are always in the spotlight and it overshadows the need for all-round development metrics of a student.

Gaps of current School Performance Management System

  • Lacks a thorough Performance Monitoring System (PMoS)
  • With no PMoS, precise evaluation of performance is tough & time consuming
  • The idea of Root Cause Analysis still remains alien in education institutions
  • The new mantra is the sophistication of existing and/or traditional performance
  • management methods and embracing new concepts, techniques, systems which
  • Help the management to nurture the capabilities of both the staff and students.
  • Dynamic Features
  • Intelligent performance management approach
  • Exclusively designed for academic institutions
  • Intelligent tracking of performance
  • Evaluation of other aspects of performance like class work, assignments, social behavior, reading-writing-speaking skills, discipline etc., etc.
  • Results
  • Measures and analyses micro-level, multi-level, multi-dimensional performance
  • Pin-points the problem areas of performance reducing manual analytical effort
  • Maps the problems with the root causes
  • Timeliness
  • Automated computation of scores saves time
  • Generation of real-time reports on a click
  • Saves time of management and helps in making quick decisions regarding performance
  • Efficiency
  • The system works as a hi-tech diagnostic program to diagnose the performance
  • Encourages setting-up of goals and their planned achievement
  • Transparency in evaluation of performance is achieved
  • Profitability
    Drives institutions to profitable growth – Profitability, commercially known as Return on Investment (ROI), is not easy to calculate in case of educational institutions.