An-nabasys with Healthcare Intelligence applications helps hospitals, payers and healthcare agencies increase their competitive advantages by devising smart business solutions.

An-nabasys has immense potential to simplify laborious tasks in healthcare domain. The techniques and solutions of Big Data can be used to engage patients, personalize care, reduce costs and variability, and to improve quality of services.Monitoring Patient Vitals, Hospital Network, Healthcare Insurance related Fraud Prevention and Detection, Precision medicine, Reduce readmissions,Data security and Insurance claims.

By bringing together the world’s health data and making it secure, searchable, and available for a variety of analytic workloads by multiple users, organizations have begun to determine and prevent the most prevalent causes of illness, from readmission to risky lifestyles.

As the healthcare industry adopts more technology, especially the digitization of health records, it is imperative that cybersecurity stays at the forefront of all the data management projects. The healthcare sector has access to huge amounts of data but has been plagued by failures in utilizing the data to curb the cost of rising healthcare and by inefficient systems that stifle faster and better healthcare benefits across the board.

An-nabasys is making use of Big Data in healthcare to provide the best clinical support, reduce the cost of care measurement and manage the population of at-risk patients. An-nabasys uses Hadoop technology to help their medical experts analyze data bombardments in real time from diverse sources such as financial data, payroll data, and electronic health records.