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Retail data analytics has the ability to help companies stay abreast of the shopping trends by applying customer analytics to uncover, interpret, and act on meaningful data insights, including online shopper and in-store patterns.

Big Data analytics is now being applied at every step of the retail process - right from predicting the popular products to identifying the customers who are likely to be interested in these products and what to sell them next.

An-nabasys helps retailers in considering specific recommendations likemaking strategic decisions,forecasting trends,utilizing market basket analysis,optimizing pricing,listening to Social Media,predicting trends, and enhancing customer experience.

An-nabasys works with Retailers in selling goods and services to customers by understanding their needs thus promoting the products and offering a better shopping experience for the customers. With the inclusion of the Hadoop technology in retail sector, retail marketing took a turning point towards its marketing strategies to be followed, profit, loss, the reason behind the loss, the ways that can compensate the loss, all these became transparent through visualization process.